Unique pens and leather goods, lovingly handmade in our workshop on the coast of Maine.

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It all started with a lathe.

Well, no, let me go back a bit further. It all started with a side of leather.

Nope, no that's not it either.

Truth is, I don't exactly remember how I ended up coming home with a new lathe, turning tools, a side of leather, and some stitching needles. It was all kind of a blur of sawdust and leather dye. And yet, here we are today, hand turning high quality wood and acrylic pens and hand stitching beautiful leather journal and passport covers. Amazing how quickly it can happen.

Maine is my inspiration, though. My little workshop on the coast of Maine is my sanctuary, where I go to let my creative juices flow and the woodchips fly. There's something very zen about being out in the shop and using my hands to create something tangible from scratch. The look on someone's face when they see a pen and journal cover I've created for them, to me, is absolutely priceless. It motivates me to keep making things that people will enjoy for years—and perhaps generations—to come.

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