We all have them: pockets full of stuff, from a jangling key ring to a wallet overstuffed with receipts. Our bags and briefcases are filled with papers and laptops and so much of life's detritus that it's overflowing. But there is a subset of today's modern man who strives to simplify and streamline what he carries with him everyday. They are fans of the everyday carry, or EDC.

Everyday carry started as a movement to cut back on all the clutter that we bring with us to work or school each day and find ways to make what we do carry more efficient. It's become an art and a science, with a variety of blogs and Tumblr accounts showing off the latest trends in the EDC world. Ballistic pouches with straps and pockets are not uncommon. Innovative key rings that keep your keys flat, organized, and jangle-free. And so many flat, slimline wallets you'll be searching for the perfect one for days. 

The Science of EDC

The science of everyday carry is all about organization. Like the Boy Scouts, EDC fans love to be prepared for situations that are likely to arise in their daily lives. Need a flashlight to see in the back corners of your desk drawer? Head for your EDC kit. Searching for a pen to sign that check? Not anymore...just dip into your EDC, where there's always one at the ready. The idea is to have everything you need on a daily basis within easy reach. A place for everything, and everything in its place.

Many EDCers have even taken to carrying small pouches that fit in their larger bags or briefcases. These mini organizers are great for pens, pocketknives, and all those cables that your electronic devices need and you can never seem to find. 

The Art of EDC

The art of everyday carry tilts more towards style and simplicity. Slim card wallets, knives that clip

How to start your EDC

Most people begin their EDC with the basics: wallet and keys. Since those two items are the ones you're most likely to have with you at all times, they're good places to start. 

Where you go from there, however, is a world unto its own. Many people prefer to carry a pocket knife. The uses are myriad for this tool, so it's a staple for most people's carry. Some like to have a bandanna, earbuds for their music or podcasts, a multitool, battery backup for their phone, pens, notebooks, and more.