Every piece a story

When we set out to create the Acadian, I wanted to make sure that each item we make is special. Whether it's the wood of a fountain pen, the leather of a wallet, or a custom bit of flair requested by a customer, each product we make at The Acadian is special. 

But we went a step further. 

Each item we make has a story. 

Stories create connections

For millennia, human beings have been telling stories to communicate and form bonds with each other. The importance of stories in society has become so ingrained in who we are as humans that we have entire industries today dedicated to the arts of storytelling. Movies, books, magazines, YouTube, music...all forms of communication based on stories. 

When we tell a story, we create a connection for the listener or viewer that elicits strong emotions—negative or positive, depending on the intent. When a story forges this connection, we viewers feel that we are now part of the story. We relate it to our own lives, our own lived experiences. 

Stories bring humanity

Storytelling is one of the things that make us uniquely human. Other animals show emotion, logic, reasoning, and even language. But it is storytelling that brings humanity to our lives. 

Stories make owning a piece worthwhile

So why do we focus so much on storytelling at The Acadian? After all, we're just selling pens and notebook covers. You may think we're taking this a little too seriously. 

For us, the story we impart upon a piece gives it importance. We want you to understand a bit about our home, our lives, our loves, and our humanity. We choose to do that through putting our time, effort, talent, and creativity into creating long lasting, heirloom quality pens and leather goods. When you spend your hard earned money on one of our products, we don't want you to feel like you wasted it on a trinket that has no meaning to you or anyone else. 

The story we impart on these products mean something to us, and so we hope they meany something to you. We wish for you to use these items; we wish for you to feel that your purchase was worthwhile; and most importantly, we wish for you to continue the story of the product in your own way.